The essence of the shirt

A refined selection of fabrics result of a creative mind that still todaymakes Brancaccio the interpreter of the ability to be original over the years and the trends. An unmistakable style, no time shirt inspired by man himself.

Shirts to admire, perfect to wear.

About us


Reinventing itself at every collection

A brand designed for a modern, pragmatic and elegant man, who desires to be glamourous without giving up his own pernal individuality. This is why Brancaccio men shirts bring together Italian tradition handcrafted work with modern know-how, always up with the times and trends without forgetting their own style over the years.

The art of playing with combinations and contrasts

Brancaccio shirts reveal a process of ennoblement of the textile craftsmanship, inestimable value of the Italian fashion, in which technology and tradition move unison.