Introducing the company

Kler Italia is today a consolidated company with experience in the world of men’s shirts.

Thanks to the efforts of its founders and their collaborators, Kler Italia made men’s shirts its strong point, becoming the interpreter of a wide and diverse clientele proposing a style that, within every collection, reinvents itself while retaining its unique and inimitable imprint.

Kler Italia shirts are meant for an elegant and plain clientele, fond of the classical Italian style never compromising on comfort and trend regards. Today Kler Italia, as deeply rooted witness of the entrepreneurial capacity of southern Italy, stands for products characterised by the constant research of creativity and originality.

Fusion of technology and tradition

Kler Italia offer tailored products on large scale maintaining the typical features of the workshops respecting the rules of the first masters who made the history of the shirt.

Italian taste

The Italian taste is the key of a company that is increasingly appreciated in Italy and abroad with an annual output of more than 500,000 garments with worldwide distribution.

Able to process custom products, Kler Italia is recognized as valid partner by important Italian and international brands that entrust their products to the experience and the quality of a solid company entrenched in a complete production reality that still covers all stages, now as a few in the southern Italy.

Endless style possibilities, classical shirts but also fantasy patterns, always guaranteeing top quality

Despite the craft-based nature and its deep roots in the oldest Italian sartorial tradition, Kler Italia is always attentive to fashion trends and customer needs by continuously relying on innovations, according to to the most interesting discoveries. The careful approach towards innovations finds application in the constant research of new fabrics, in the design of new lines and new styles to be forerunners of the contemporary taste.

The fabrics used come from a careful selection of the most famous and refined Italian texture companies in collaboration with master weavers, creates original and unparalleled fabrics. So, attention to details as well as respect for the Italian tradition and sensibility to the shirt.

Qualified personnel with advanced machinery and automated logistics management, that ensures a potential stock of thousands of garments produced, minimize the time-to-order in meeting customer needs around the world.